Version 9

    This page serves as a running list of issues noted, logged, and fixed for the Smooks Configuration Editor as we continue to develop and implement the new design.



    1Please rename the Graph tab to "Processing"Resolved

    Can we get rid of the Message Filter page in the editor? It's not part of our revamped design.

    3Is the divider between the Process Map and Task Configuration pane adjustable? i.e. Can we shift the Task Configuration pane to have more space?Resolved
    4Can we fix the typo in the palette for the Task Configuration pane from "Noraml Tools" to "General"?Resolved
    5In the Smooks Input Data Selection Wizard, can we auto-select the input data type to be the same as the "Input Type" specified on the Input editor page?JBIDE-5074Resolved
    6And when the Smooks Input Data Selection Wizard is finished, can we automatically check the box beside the input data added to the "Input Data" list?JBIDE-5074Resolved
    7Though I understand that under the covers, these Java classes are called "beans" - is there any reason why we should stick with that term in the UI?Have changed it to be Java Class
    8In the Java Bean Creation dialog, can you automatically select all the children of the class you "check" instead of having to click each one individually?Resolved
    9Is there a way to distinguish between the lines dragged from the Input Model to the Java classes and the dependency lines going from class to class? Can we use a bold line for one or a dotted line or a different arrow to indicate the difference between the two?Resolved
    10This may be a dumb question for Smooks - what are "Rule Bases"? And how would a beginning Smooks developer know how to define one? Seems extremely complicated. Is there any way to create default rules that could then be overridden or changed by the user? Same for the "Validation" rules?Will hide these for now
    11When you open an existing smooks configuration with an input model specified, such as the csv-to-xml quickstart, we should have some way of automatically adding an "Input" task to the process pane I think. Even if there's no sample message specified, we can at least show something to get them started.JBIDE-5085Resolved
    12In cases where we have a Java mapping already specified, we should be able to also add a "Java Mapping" task to the process pane and load the Java model, such as with the edi-to-java quickstart. It includes both an input and a mapping, so we should be able to figure out that it has those bits (even just to do a bare minimum) and populate the Task pane appropriately.JBIDE-5088Resolved
    13In cases where there is no sample data specified, can we create an empty input model by default so that there's something there? If they choose some sample input, we're not really showing the sample input data on the Task pane anyway - just the model - and that we should be able to create regardless.
    14When you add the Java Mapping task to the Process pane and there's a Java model (or any model once we get other models working), we seriously need to do something about the layout... We can't expect our users to drag and drop every time they open the editor just so they can see the model components. Is there a default layout we can do here so things are more readable?JBIDE-5086Resolved