Version 2

    As of December 2, 2009, there are some pretty significant differences between the old Branch_5_x code that became 6.0.0.M1 and what is now in trunk. An initial task on M2 is to ensure everything is ported. To help with that I'm going to diff the src/main/java of each module in the source tree and attach the diffs here. A simple diff of the branches won't work, as trunk uses the maven convention of src/main/java while Branch_5_x used the old JBoss src/main structure.


    I'll also attach a diff of component-matrix/pom.xml


    There could of course be diffs outside of src/main/java; presumably the responsible folks can figure those out.


    Besides these diffs, the following modules exist in 6.0.0.M1 but not in trunk, most of which AFAIK reflect refactoring and not stuff that needs porting:


    • adminclient
    • j2se
    • jmx
    • mbeans
    • sprint-int