Version 2

    How to off drag and drop :


    While going through my project work, there was a requirement to off drag and drop of rich:extendeddatatable.

    I have not found any direct attribute for that> But i found a tricks to handle that.


    For rich:column header, the heder text i am giving 100% width and stopping onmosue over event. That a tricks that i have implementated


    <f:facet name="header">
          <h:outputText value="#{bean.header1}"
           onmousemove="event.cancelBubble = true;return false;"
           onmousedown="event.cancelBubble = true;return false;" />


    If anybody else have the same requirement , hope this will help them also.


    To off  column resize propery extended data table:

    There is no direct attribute to off this. But Ilya Shaikovsky  Has shown me way to do this by css




    .extdt-hsep {
        display: none;




    I am just sharing my experience to this group so that if anybody else have the same reuirement they can procced with this.

    thanks guys.