Version 3

    JSFSpy can be extended using WARlets.  A WARlet is a WAR plug-in that adds UI and code to a Servlet 3/JSF 2 application.


    To extend JSFSpy with WARlets you will need:

    • The WARlet container jar.
    • One or more WARlets, each packaged in its own jar.


    To install WARlet functionality, just put the WARlet container jar into WEB-INF/lib along with the JSFSpy jar.

    Click Here to download the WARlet container snapshot jar.


    There is currently one WARlet available called EL_Evaluator.  This provides an interactive UI that evaluates an EL expression against your application.  If you add the EL_Evaluator jar to WEB-INF/lib then a new button will appear in JSFSpy that launches the EL_Evaluator WARlet and makes it part of the JSFSpy applicatioin.

    Click Here to download the EL_Evaluator snapshot jar.


    Also see my blog posting about WARlets.