Version 3

    This wiki article will capture the planning needed for the Workspaces subproject of Errai.


    Decisions Outstanding


    Should we adopt GWT Mosaic as a first class citizen in Workspaces?  It has an extensive set of layout managers and is fairly complete with high fidelity components.
    Should we standardize on the core layouts of GWT Mosaic?
    Should we get outside help in providing design for the look and feel of Workspaces?  Help could come from the team (e.g. James Cobb) or Red Hat IT (Grant).James Cobb should be entering a Jira to capture the request for assistance.  We need to provide James a timeframe for when the work should be started.  His preference is sooner in the development cycle than later (i.e. help actually design versus just review).  Will note that here when it is done.We should start working with the team and if there are any time constraints, then engage Red Hat IT to see if they could help.
    Should we adopt the Chrome OS design guidelines?



    Strategy for working through issues with Mosaic

    When issues with Mosaic come up, let's start working through the issue by posting to the Mosaic dev list to see whether there is a fix that we aren't aware of.  After working through the issue there, if there is still not a resolution, then we could look at whether we could provide the solution through either the ErraiWidgets project or as a direct contribution to the Mosaic project.




    • Where should we keep all the issues that we have with Mosaic specifically?
      • Is there an issue tracker associated to Mosaic?  If so and it has labeling/tagging capabilities, then we should enter the issues in the Mosaic issue tracker and could track/report from there.


    Action Items

    • Meet with the Mosaic lead and determine what the road map is to see how that overlays with what we would like to see included.