Version 12

    The Arquillian infrastructure could prove to be a suitable environment for testing tools which previously may have had to "mock out" a lot of behavior. Below are some ideas of integrations that could be explored. If you are a community member looking to get involved, or an author of one of these projects, we invite you to experiment and report back your results in Arquillian Development.




    FrameworkURLPurpose of Integration
    FacesTester JSF developers to test their components in the context of a real JSF application lifecycle and UI component tree.

    To add a JSF startup to the deployable test archive so that tests can be run against a running JSF application.


    Example: JSFUnit integration: still some work to do



    To load seed data into the database prior to executing the tests.


    Prior work: DBUnit integration in SeamTest from Seam 2 (see DBUnitSeamTest and extending DBUnitSeamTest)

    HTTPUnithttp://httpunit.sourceforge.netTo write request-oriented tests to see how the application behaves when invoked through a servlet.
    easyBhttp://easyb.orgTo support BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
    seleniumhttp://seleniumhq.orgTo support full GUI testing when running in local mode while controlling the deployment.
    RESTEasy server implementation for unit testing; client APIs for testing a REST service
    Dumpster very simple fake SMTP server designed for unit and system testing applications that send email messages


    Some of these integrations may require auxiliary archive appenders, others may be as simple as adding an example in the documentation.