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    For the Google Summer of Code 2008, is linking  up with Fedora as a mentoring organization.


    Project  leads and contributors with ideas, please edit this page and start  assembling your thoughts.  This will give students an opportunity to  find projects to contribute to or act as seeds for their own innovative  ideas.  Additionally, please add yourself if you'd like to be a mentor,  even if you have no particular project ideas.




    For  reference, you can see the Fedora Bounties page where they list projects they'd like done in the Fedora Project.







    Project  Ideas


    JBoss Messaging


    Please  see here for  some project ideas.


    JBoss Cache


    For  information on what JBoss Cache is, visit


    Project  ideas:


    1. JBCACHE-1306 - An object based search engine on top of JBoss Cache is on our  roadmap.  The approach here is to use Hibernate Search, decouple  it from Hibernate ORM and use it on JBoss Cache directly.  This  should be a self-contained piece that encompasses both Hibernate Search  and JBoss Cache, should not take more than 4 - 6 weeks , including  documentation and testing.  See the JIRA issue tracker link for more  detailed design ideas.

    2. JBCACHE-1259 - Highly available TcpCacheServer.  The TcpCacheServer has been a part  of JBoss Cache for a long while, and is basically a proxying mechanism  for a TcpDelegatingCacheLoader to make remote calls over a TCP socket to  a TcpCacheServer, which in turn forwards the call to a cache in the  same VM space.  The purpose is to build a hierarchy of caches.  (see this  chapter and this  chapter in the JBoss Cache User Guide for details about this.)

      1. The problem: The TcpCacheServer, though, is not  highly available, and runs on a single instance.  The  TcpDelegatingCacheLoader is explicitly configured with the address of  the instance running the TcpCacheServer.

      2. The  solution: This project is to build HA features such as load  balancing and failover into the TcpCacheServer such that clients  connecting over TCP can speak to a cluster of caches and not just a  single cache.  This would require building load balancing features into  the TcpDelegatingCacheLoader as well as being able to fail over to an  alternate TcpCacheServer if one were to fail mid-conversation.

      3. Should not take more than 6 weeks, including documentation  and testing.


    JBoss  Microcontainer



    JBoss Portal

    • Content clipper: implement  a markup clipping engine to integrate various remote and legacy  applications

    • Web SPI implementations: provide  implementations of the Web Service Provider Interface for servlet  containers (Jetty, etc...)

    • Dashboard system  improvement: upgrade the current dashboard system to have the capability  to have portlets configured by admin and by user

    • OpenID  integration: extend current portal SSO integration (CAS, JOSSO,  OpenSSO) by providing OpenID authentication.

    • add  more...


    JBossTS (Transactions)


    Drools (Rule Engine/AI)

    • Subversion/CVS and JCR synchronisation. This allows our  web based BRMS, called Guvnor, to synchronise it's content with what's  used in an IDE, such as Eclipse

    • Eclipse file  upload tool with meta-data properties editing. You should be able to  right click a file or a folder and upload to the web based Guvnor.  Previously uploaded files(assets) should be recognised and uploaded as a  modify.

    • SBVR,  structured natural language, implementation for Drools. Can do either or  both the frontend or the backend.

    • Eclipse  tooling enhancements including any of the following: search,  refactoring, reformatting.

    • Improve the DSL  capabilities of Drools, supporting more complex grammars.

    • Improve the Guvnor, web based BRMS, to handle the  management of more asset types. Including images, video, sound etc.  Guvnor involves JCR, Seam and GWT work.

    • Create a  Web based process designer for Drools ruleflow using GWT Designer.

    • Web based, GWT, Audit viewer.


    JBoss Labs (infrastructure for