Version 4

    This page describes the layout of the directory structure, and how items should be arranged when uploaded.  This location is available for directory browsing, and is useful for developers wanting to explore various document versions.

    Base Directory Structure

    There will be two base directories /3.3.X and /4.0.X.  Inside of each of those directories will be a directory for every release ( milestone, Final, etc…).  These will then contain the exploded document bundle.  This will include API, TLD, and the various reference documents.
    There will also be two links in the base directories that will point to the latest document release as per the conventions in the next section.
    /latest_3_3_X <-- link to latest in /3.3.X
    /latest_4_0_X <-- link to latest in /4.0.X

    Handling latest_x_x_x Directories

    There will also be a link in the base directory for each recent minor release branch.  These will point to the more recent Final release of the branch.
    Note: These should only be updated for Final releases, not for milestones, once a Final release exists for the branch.  I.e. until 4.0.0.Final is released /latest_4_0_X will point to the latest milestone release of the branch.  Once 4.0.0.Final is released is will only shift for future Final releases.

    Nightly Document Builds

    Starting with 4.0.X we will be publishing nightly builds of the documentation bundle.  These will be populated by out continuous integration servers on a nightly basis.  They will take the form below:
    Note: this will not be done until after the 4.0.0.ALPHA2 release.

    Release-specific directory structure


    Refer to RichFaces Release Procedure documentation