Version 2

    Annoyed by the multi-step login process? Want to login with a single click? It's possible in Google Chrome (or Chromium) by installing two extensions. Keep in mind that this setup is considered less secure, so use at your own risk.


    Autocomplete = on


    Ever wonder why the browser doesn't ask to save your password for There is a security measure in place that asks the browser to disable this feature. The password field has the attribute autocomplete="off", which is a hint to the browser that the password should not be saved. Fortunately, there is an extension for Chrome that switches the value of this attribute to "on".


    Autocomplete = on by


    Install this extension, then verify that when you login into, you get the prompt for your password to be saved.


    Auto Login


    Chrome will fill in your username and password when you visit the login page of any site for which you've saved a password (which now includes Why not have Chrome also click the login button too? That's what the Auto Login extension does for you.


    Auto Login by Nigel Kibodeaux


    Login to again and click the icon at the end of the location bar to set the site as auto login.


    With this configuration in place, you just have to click the Login link in the header and the login process will happen automatically!