Version 1




    • similar to YSlow, also automated
    • also have timeline with actions what are browser doing (incl. "paint" time = rendering?) - not sure if this stats can be obtained
    • open source, Apache License


    ShowSlow - stats of YSlow and PageSpeed




    + automation-ready

    + support for Firefox and IE

    - works on principle of catching HTTP requests (it couldn't have be enough for us)

    - provides only HTTP request information in way Firebug do it

    - extended version available in professional edition


    DynaTrace Ajax Edition

    + automation-ready

    + JavaScript markers (in automated jobs, there can be marked places, what should be displayed on outputed timeline)

    + much more detailed view than HttpWatch - can watch rendering time

    - support for IE only


    Ajax View

    + supports any JavaScript-enabled browser

    + measure JavaScript calls

    - measure only JavaScript calls

    - after manual testing don't seem usable (tested on livedemo)