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    Each year at JavaOne, the Java Community Process (JCP) program holds an awards ceremony to announce the recipients of the Star Spec Lead Award (see past winners). These leaders earn this honor through their efficient, prompt, and transparent communication with their Expert Group, the Program Management Office (PMO), and the Executive Committee (EC).


    Candidates are nominated by the community for the following JCP award categories:


    • JCP member of the year
    • JCP participant of the year
    • Outstanding Java SE/EE Spec Lead
    • Outstanding Java ME Spec Lead
    • Most innovative Java SE/EE JSR
    • Most innovative Java ME JSR


    Descriptions of these awards can be found on the 2010 JCP Award Nominations page at The categories of most interest to Red Hat are highlighted in bold.


    Red Hat puts a lot of investment in the JCP to improve the Java EE platform. But it's more than just the contributions. Red Hat prides itself on sponsoring representatives that exhibit the characteristics of a Star Spec Lead (the most important of which is being transparent). Surprisingly, Red Hat has never brought home this award. We ask you to help us make this our year!


    Show the JCP that you support Red Hat's leadership by nominating a Red Hat representative for the Star Spec Lead award!


    Post your nomination and testimony to or in the appropriate category of the 2010 JCP Award Nominations forum.


    Here is a list of the 2010 Red Hat spec leads:



    Below is a sampling of the accomplishments achieved by each spec lead:


    Gavin King


    • Frequently circulated drafts of the specification (both formal and informal) for EG and public review
    • Posted blog entries educating the public about the specification, either as tutorials or changelogs
    • Held many discussions about the JSR in public to gather feedback from the community
    • Clearly communicated the schedule
    • Dealt with a lot of political pressure surrounding this spec in an open and diplomatic way
    • Worked to reconcile overlap between JSR-299 and other specifications (namely JSR-330)
    • Presented on the specification at numerous events (JavaOne, JBossWorld, JUGs)
    • Gave interviews about the specification at prominent news sites such as InfoQ and DZone
    • Released the TCK and RI under an open source license (Apache License, Version 2)


    Emmanuel Bernard



    Feel free to post additional comments to this article giving testimony that you've passed on to help others remember the work these guys have done. Of course, you can nominate any lead you feel is deserving of the award. These are just suggestions.