Version 3

    The storage areas for RiftSaw documentation and downloads are:



    This document will explain how to upload the documentation and download artifacts to these areas.


    Folder Structure


    This section outlines the structure of the documentation and downloads area. Once the relevant artifacts have been uploaded, a reference to them should be added to the RiftSaw documentation and downloads web pages.



    The structure of the documentation area is simply based on a sub-folder per version. Within that folder, each document will have its own sub-folder which will be further sub-divided into the different formats that are supported (e.g. HTML multi & single page, PDF, etc).


    For example,



    The structure for the release distributions is similar to the documentation structure. There will be a top level sub-folder per version containing the binary and source distributions associated with that release.


    For example,





    Uploading Artifacts


    This is a quick note on how to access and upload content to and via the server.

    Create ssh Key (if not already done)

    1. Key must:
      1. be RSA-2 ( default for many keygen apps )
      2. have 1024+ bit ( 2048 is preferred )
      3. have comment with user email address
    2. Using many keygen tools the following command will work
      1. ssh-keygen -C -b 2048
      2. enter key name
      3. enter passcode you want
    3. Send me ( your .pub file and request access to


    * Note: please be very careful when uploading or adjusting content *

    General Access Instruction

    1. Only "scp sftp, sync" are allowed
      1. ex. sftp
      2. You may need to specify passcode if you did not use default id_rsa
      1. Provide passcode
      2. Use as regular ftp, cp, rsync


      Uploading Instructions

      1. Log in via one of the commands above
      2. Access "/docs_htdocs/riftsaw" directory for
      3. Access "/downloads_htdocs/riftsaw" for
      4. Please take care when uploading as these changes will go live immediately!!!


      How To Upload Large Numbers of Files:

      These are instructions for uploading large number of files, for example a document bundle.


      Explode the zip somewhere on your machine.

      1. rsync -rv --protocol=28 folder/to/sync/from
        1. folder/to/sync/from == The folder location on your machine
        2. folder/to/sync/to == The location under riftsaw to sync the files to
      2. This should have a single connection and be much faster than single access.


      For example, if the documentation has been unpacked into /tmp/2.1.0.Final, then the command would be:

      rsync -rv --protocol=28 /tmp/2.1.0.Final

      NB: When copying a directory, the 'to' folder should be the parent folder into which the 'from' directory should be copied.