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    RichFaces-Selenium Library



    Project consists of 3 modules:


    • library (org.jboss.test:richfaces-selenium)
    • functional-test-template (org.jboss.test.richfaces-selenium:functional-test-template)
      • jboss-ci (org.jboss.test.richfaces-selenium:functional-test-template-jboss-ci)


    All modules have common parent org.jboss.test.richfaces-selenium:root, it provides dependency and distribution management.




    Encapsulates the capabilities of Selenium Testing Framework, but adds type safety to most of operations. You can then easily use your IDE to complete the code and let compiler verify the type-safety.


    It also adds other concepts like SeleniumExtensions and PageExtensions, which can extend your tested environment to achieve desired functionality. Hand-in-hand goes the JQuery location strategy extension, which provides an alternative to slow XPath as another composible and iterable kind of location strategy.




    Functional-Test Template


    There are lot of spaces for Selenium testing across JBoss Projetcs, which in almost every case can be defined as to have following lifecycle:


    • prepare binary to test (war/ear)
    • prepare container (extract from zip)
    • start & deploy
    • start selenium server
    • run selenium test suite
    • stop all the stuff


    In phase of test development, these steps can be also extended to these:


    • start the tested browser
    • start the IDE
    • start the test in debug mode
    • connect the debugger from IDE to test


    RichFaces-Selenium is trying to simplify these required steps to minimum, so almost everything mentioned previously are built-in in the library (covering all the steps  above in bold).


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    JBoss CI (Continuous Integration) Template


    The extension for Functional-Test Template adding the profiles specific for configuration of jobs on JBoss Hudson.


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    Concepts and tricks


    As the test development should be simple and straight-forward, we also developed some practices which may not be obvious when you first start working with selenium.


    Using our approach, you can develop the tests without need for restarting browser, place locators separately from tests keeping the type-safety, etc.


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    Development and Contribution


    The project may still miss few things that you  need but you can always contribute your own ideas.


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