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    This article lists all the client api that is available to the users of JBoss AS 5.x ++

    The primary API for users will be the standard Java EE API available for clients (no SPI or server integration api).



    1. Messaging
    2. Web Services
    3. Security
    4. EJB Applications
    5. JCA


    JavaTM Platform Enterprise Edition, v 5.0 API Specifications used by applications deployed on EAP 5.1

    this part of the document lists all JavaEE API which must be whitelisted for use by applications.

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    javax.activationThe JavaBeans(TM) Activation Framework is used by the JavaMail(TM) API to manage MIME data.
    javax.ejbThe javax.ejb package contains the Enterprise JavaBeans classes  and interfaces that define the contracts between the enterprise bean  and its clients and between the enterprise bean and the EJB container.
    javax.elProvides the API for the Unified Expression Language shared by the JSP 2.1 and JSF 1.2 technologies.
    javax.facesTop level classes for the JavaServer(tm) Faces API.
    javax.faces.applicationAPIs that are used to link an application's business logic objects to JavaServer Faces, as well as convenient pluggable mechanisms to manage the execution of an application that is based on JavaServer Faces.
    javax.faces.componentFundamental APIs for user interface components.
    javax.faces.component.htmlSpecialized user interface component classes for HTML.
    javax.faces.contextClasses and interfaces defining per-request state information.
    javax.faces.convertContains classes and interfaces defining converters.
    javax.faces.elDEPRECATED Classes and interfaces for evaluating and processing reference expressions.
    javax.faces.eventInterfaces describing events and event listeners, and concrete event implementation classes.
    javax.faces.lifecycleClasses and interfaces defining lifecycle management for the JavaServer Faces implementation.
    javax.faces.modelStandard model data beans for JavaServer Faces.
    javax.faces.renderClasses and interfaces defining the rendering model.
    javax.faces.validatorInterface defining the validator model, and concrete validator implementation classes.
    javax.faces.webappClasses required for integration of JavaServer Faces into web applications, including a standard servlet, base classes for JSP custom component tags, and concrete tag implementations for core tags.
    javax.interceptorThe javax.interceptor package contains classes and interfaces for use with EJB interceptors.
    javax.jmsThe Java Message Service (JMS) API provides a common way for Java programs to create,  send, receive and read an enterprise messaging system's messages.
    javax.mailThe JavaMailTM API provides classes that model a mail system.
    javax.mail.eventListeners and events for the JavaMail API.
    javax.mail.internetClasses specific to Internet mail systems.
    javax.mail.searchMessage search terms for the JavaMail API.
    javax.mail.utilUtility classes. the J2EE Management Enterprise Bean component (MEJB) interfaces. the standard interfaces for accessing performance data from J2EE managed objects   Package Specification     JSR 77, J2EE Management Related Documentation  For overviews, tutorials, examples, guides, and tool documentation, please see:    J2EE Tools
    javax.persistenceThe javax.persistence package contains the classes and interfaces that define the contracts between a persistence provider and the managed classes and the clients of the Java Persistence API.
    javax.resourceThe javax.resource package is the top-level package for the J2EE Connector API specification.
    javax.resource.cciThe javax.resource.cci package contains API specification for the Common Client Interface (CCI). package contains the Java Authorization Contract for Containers API
    javax.servletThe javax.servlet package contains a number of classes and interfaces that describe and define the contracts between a servlet class and the runtime environment provided for an instance of such a class by a conforming servlet container.
    javax.servlet.httpThe javax.servlet.http package contains a number of classes and interfaces that describe and define the contracts between a servlet class running under the HTTP protocol and the runtime environment provided for an instance of such a class by a conforming servlet container.
    javax.servlet.jspClasses and interfaces for the Core JSP 2.1 API.
    javax.servlet.jsp.elProvides the ELResolver classes that define the object resolution rules that must be supported by a JSP container  with the new unified Expression Language.
    javax.servlet.jsp.tagextClasses and interfaces for the definition of JavaServer Pages Tag Libraries.
    javax.transactionProvides the API that defines the contract between the transaction  manager and the various parties involved in a distributed transaction  namely : resource manager, application, and application server.
    javax.transaction.xaProvides the API that defines the contract between the transaction  manager and the resource manager, which allows the transaction  manager to enlist and delist resource objects (supplied by the  resource manager driver) in JTA transactions.
    javax.xml.bindProvides a runtime binding framework for client applications including         unmarshalling, marshalling, and validation capabilities.
    javax.xml.bind.annotationDefines annotations for customizing Java program elements to XML Schema mapping.
    javax.xml.bind.annotation.adaptersXmlAdapter and its spec-defined         sub-classes to allow arbitrary Java classes to be used with JAXB.
    javax.xml.bind.attachmentThis package is implemented by a MIME-based package processor that          enables the interpretation and creation of optimized binary data          within an MIME-based package format.
    javax.xml.bind.utilUseful client utility classes.
    javax.xml.registryThis package and its sub-packages describe the API classes and interfaces for the JAXR API.
    javax.xml.registry.infomodelThis package describes the information model for the JAXR API.
    javax.xml.rpcThis package contains the core JAX-RPC APIs for the client programming model.
    javax.xml.rpc.encodingThis package defines APIs for the extensible type mapping framework.
    javax.xml.rpc.handlerThis package defines APIs for SOAP Message Handlers
    javax.xml.rpc.handler.soapThis package defines APIs for SOAP Message Handlers
    javax.xml.rpc.holdersThis package contains the standard Java Holder classes.
    javax.xml.rpc.serverThis package defines APIs for the servlet based JAX-RPC endpoint model.
    javax.xml.rpc.soapThis package defines APIs specific to the SOAP binding.
    javax.xml.soapProvides the API for creating and building SOAP messages.
    javax.xml.wsThis package contains the core JAX-WS APIs. package defines APIs for message handlers. package defines APIs for SOAP message handlers. package defines APIs specific to the HTTP binding. package defines APIs specific to the SOAP binding.