Version 2

    Teiid Designer 7.0 release provides the tooling to create, edit and manage Teiid 7.0 VDB artifacts.


    The basic modeling capabilities of Designer have not changed from 6.3. The way you manage VDB's, create and edit connections and how you test your VDB's has changed considerably.


    Some of the changed features include

    • Adoption of the Eclipse Data Tools Project for connection profile managment including replacement of our custom JDBC import driver management with DTP's functionality
    • Addition of a Teiid JDBC Connection Profile contribution which allows for ad-hoc querying of your deployed VDB's
    • Simplified VDB Editor
    • VDB execution now provided by VDB deployment to Teiid server and DTP ad-hoc query functionality


    This release also provided an opportunity refactor our code-base and begin nightly builds as well as cleaning up and removing a substantial amount of outdated and unnecessary legacy code.

    Give it a trial run using our quick-start guide.


    In addition to the following JIRA items addressed in 7.0, there was a substantial amount of code clean-up including removing most of our use of restricted Eclipse classes. This will simplify migration of Designer to new versions of Eclipse in follow-on releases.


    The Designer code-base also inherited a number of classes that had previously been required for both Teiid and Teiid Designer, but are now only needed by Designer. Taking this step allowed Teiid to become simpler to maintain and a much smaller footprint within Designer.


    • [TEIIDDES-235] -         Order of operations problem in Designer
    • [TEIIDDES-236] -         Salesforce connector does not bind the connector binding to the model.
    • [TEIIDDES-240] -         SFDC importer corrupts model during re-import, removing 'supports query' annotations on tables
    • [TEIIDDES-244] -         Text Connector does not show up after creation
    • [TEIIDDES-254] -          Salesforce Importer allows a user to proceed even if the credentials are invalid.
    • [TEIIDDES-258] -         Annoying layout issue with Jdbc Driver Wizard page. Empty vertical space and driver list panel too shallow.
    • [TEIIDDES-312] -         Modeler Help appears to not be "wired up"
    • [TEIIDDES-383] -         Connector Binding/Connector Type property name display is inconsistent.
    • [TEIIDDES-390] -         Make com.metamatrix.modeler.dqp plugin and helper classes more testable
    • [TEIIDDES-418] -         Salesforce Import wizard fails and has to be restarted if invalid credentials are entered.
    • [TEIIDDES-422] -         SourceBindingsManager.getSourceBindings( Connector connector ) always returns an empty collection
    • [TEIIDDES-423] -         Testing Server Connection From The Server Wizard Always Succeeds Even If The Server Cannot Be Connected To
    • [TEIIDDES-424] -         New Connector UI (Dialog, Panel) Has Several Problems
    • [TEIIDDES-429] -         NPE selecting file in explorer that has no file extension
    • [TEIIDDES-431] -         Errors for missing images during Designer startup
    • [TEIIDDES-442] -         Exceptions adding WebService and XML models to VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-443] -         Model Description in VDB Editor from persisted VDB shows wrong description
    • [TEIIDDES-444] -         Exception saving VDB with non-relational models that have no "Data Source" name value
    • [TEIIDDES-446] -         Connection Profile MRU for JDBC Import is not updated when Connection Profile Name is changed in DTP perspective. Results in exception.
    • [TEIIDDES-459] -         Designer's 'Create XML View Documents' feature does not enforce sequence order in some circumstances
    • [TEIIDDES-462] -         VDB Editor missing "translator-name" column in model entry table
    • [TEIIDDES-467] -         VDB's "name" value should not contain the ".vdb" file extension in the vdb.xml file.
    • [TEIIDDES-478] -         Copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts do not work in Designer transformation editor
    • [TEIIDDES-479] -         Cannot open transformation editor: Unhandled event loop exception - Could not initialize class com.metamatrix.query.internal.ui.sqleditor.sql.SqlSyntax
    • [TEIIDDES-480] -         Missing I18n strings and image file in XSD as Relational Importer
    • [TEIIDDES-484] -         Error adding model to a vdb
    • [TEIIDDES-487] -         System catalog view is empty
    • [TEIIDDES-492] -         ArrayStoreException adding non-model files in VDB Editor
    • [TEIIDDES-493] -         Should be able to delete/remove multiple data sources and VDBs in Teiid View.
    • [TEIIDDES-494] -         Default Teiid-related URL Template info should countain actual Teiid Default values.
    • [TEIIDDES-495] -         Can't save a VDB after adding model.
    • [TEIIDDES-497] -         Exception adding Virtual model to VDB in Windows.
    • [TEIIDDES-500] -         Teiid VDB are not displaying metadata in the DTP Datasource Explorer


    Feature Request

    • [TEIIDDES-176] -         Designer needs to embed "Teiid Embedded" as a plugin, with only dependencies to "public" APIs.
    • [TEIIDDES-233] -         Treat Teiid VDB as source in DTP. Utilize DTP project views and capabilities to perform data preview through VDB's.
    • [TEIIDDES-237] -         Create an Eclipse Data Tools integration to execute VDBs deployed in Teiid Server.
    • [TEIIDDES-384] -         Merge Designer IDE towards JBoss Dev Studio
    • [TEIIDDES-396] -         Move location for temporary VDB execution state from system temp directory to somewhere under designer workspace
    • [TEIIDDES-447] -         Allow creating a VDB with models selected in Model Explorer.
    • [TEIIDDES-469] -         Modify WSDL Management



    • [TEIIDDES-232] -         Remove SQL Explorer
    • [TEIIDDES-261] -         The Designer Eclipse Feature Should Be Separated Into A Design-Time Feature And A Runtime-Time Feature
    • [TEIIDDES-262] -         Change references to ArgCheck to use Designer's version, not the one in Teiid
    • [TEIIDDES-263] -         Perform general housekeeping duties on 7.0 Codebase. Remove unnecessary code (class, methods and fields) refactor, repackage, etc.
    • [TEIIDDES-266] -         Need to remove PluginUtil dependency upon Teiid's Logger
    • [TEIIDDES-404] -         Facilitate deployment of VDB's from Designer to Teiid Server
    • [TEIIDDES-405] -         Provide one or more views for Teiid configuration management. Includes teiid server, connectors, connector types, VDB's and source bindings.
    • [TEIIDDES-414] -         Remove nested jar entries from each project's manifest
    • [TEIIDDES-415] -         Remove Ant task source from feature project
    • [TEIIDDES-416] -         Combine feature and product projects into a single project.
    • [TEIIDDES-421] -         Need to minimize, and eventually eliminate, dependencies on Teiid embedded libraries from Designer's design-time plug-ins
    • [TEIIDDES-426] -         Chang the WSDL to Relational Importer's XSD resolution mechanism to the Web Tools impl
    • [TEIIDDES-449] -         Data tools plug-ins have lots of warnings that need to be addressed



    • [TEIIDDES-407] -         Replace Designer's workspace source binding management framework
    • [TEIIDDES-408] -         Adapt Designer's Connector framework to Teiid JCA connector changes
    • [TEIIDDES-410] -         Merge vdb and dqp plugins
    • [TEIIDDES-411] -         Remove VDB Execution Tab in VDB Editor. Add connector selection and name field functionality to VDB Editor Model Summary page.
    • [TEIIDDES-412] -         Expose Bound Workspace models in Execution View for each Teiid Server
    • [TEIIDDES-419] -         Create notion of Set Default Server action to be used for VDB execution and Preview
    • [TEIIDDES-445] -         Change JDBC Importer to use DTP maintainted ConnectionProfiles
    • [TEIIDDES-456] -         Create ConnectionProfiles from deployed VDBs