Version 1

    New CXF based WS stack

    JBoss Application Server 6 M4 comes with a different JBossWS  webservice stack installed by default. Instead of the JBossWS-Native  stack that's been included till version 6 M3, the application server now  uses JBossWS-CXF stack.
    As you can read here, JBossWS provides an integration layer of third  party web service stacks on top of multiple JBoss AS versions.  JBossWS-CXF is the JBossWS integration with Apache CXF.
    With this webservice stack implementation change, users immediately get  improved performances and better support for WS-*. More features are  also coming in the next future.


    Migration notes


    JAX-WS deployments

    JAXWS webservice endpoint deployments (as well as JAXWS clients) can be  deployed unchanged on JBoss AS 6 M4


    JAX-RPC deployments

    Even if the underlying Apache CXF does not provide JAX-RPC features,  JBossWS-CXF allows JAXRPC webservice endpoint deployments to be used on  JBoss AS 6 M4 without changes.


    WS-* usage (WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Policy, WS-Trust)

    The advanced WS-* deployments require stack specific configuration,  hence users are likely to need changes on their deployments making use  of WS-* technologies in order to run on JBoss AS M4. Please refer the  JBossWS - Stack CXF User Guide. Also, please read the "Configuration" section  regarding SpringFramework libraries.

    For instance, deployments using WS-Security configured through the  jboss-wsse-server.xml descriptor from JBossWS-Native will need to be  modified. Here is a sample.


    Configuration notes

    Many JBossWS configuration parameters are stack independent and thus can  be modified the same way when moving to JBoss AS M4. Please refer the  common user guides for stack agnostic JBossWS - User Guide
    In addition to that, currently JBossWS-CXF allows users to customize  their deployment the same way they'd do with Apache CXF by providing a  Spring configuration descriptor. This is also the way advanced  features are currently configured when a descriptor-based approach is  used, including WS-* support. However, in order for that to be possible,  Spring Framework libraries need to be installed on JBoss AS M4.
    Future JBossWS releases are likely to remove the need for Spring for  configuring web service features.

    Installing Spring Framework libraries

    Spring libraries needs to be installed in either common/lib or  server/<user-profile>/lib for being correctly used by JBossWS for  deploying webservice endpoints.
    Users can download Spring libraries here, unzip the archive and  simply copy the distribution jars in the directories above.