Version 57


    issues.JBoss.Org changed to ! has been rebranded to as of December 5, 2019.

    Red Hat is expanding the ability for other product lines to track issues from this platform and part of that expansion are the url change and rebranding of the landing page to reflect that the site covers more than JBoss issues.

    The landing page is redesigned while the functionality is largely the same and should be easy to acclimate to. All links from are redirected to to keep backward compatibility.

    Please check your scripts/REST API calls to be sure they handle redirects correctly or migrate them to the new domain.

    Please contact the support team email: for any questions.


    General questions

    How can I contact administrators of

    If you didn't find relevant information in this FAQ then you can contact us by email.


    User accounts and login

    What is Legacy JBoss account

    Systems and websites hosted at domain used to have own user accounts for a long time with own SSO server. As of March 2019, we started to use Red Hat public accounts to login into sso server. Red Hat public account gives you unified access to many Red Hat provided services like OpenShift Online, CodeReady Toolchain, Red Hat Developers Program, Red Hat Customer Portal etc.


    You are asked to link your existing account, now called Legacy JBoss account, to your Red Hat account during first login to any system which used to use jboss account. Please do this to keep access to your existing data! Use JBoss Legacy account reminder If you are not sure about your existing jboss account.


    Legacy JBoss Accounts are internally used by some systems still (eg. Jira issue tracker), these systems will be subsequently migrated to directly use Red Hat accounts.



    I have different Legacy JBoss Accounts with different username and e-mail. Can I merge them?

    We can merge accounts for you in order to preserve your data like submitted posts etc... whilst giving the benefits of using a single username. Simply contact us with request stating the usernames of the accounts you'd like to merge.


    I've logged in with my Red Hat account but it's linked to the wrong Legacy JBoss account?

    In this case please send us an email to this address providing the username of the account that is wrongly used and the one you'd like to get linked. Also we'll need information about the Red Hat account that you are using for this linking (username and email it's bound to).


    Can I change my Legacy JBoss username?

    Only administrators can change Legacy JBoss usernames. Please contact us stating the old/new usernames.


    Can I cancel/delete an account?

    You can either simply anonymize your account by changing your profile’s first and last names to ‘Anonymous User’ in the Red Hat user profile, or follow Red Hat privacy policy to request complete account deletion.


    Jira at (was

    How to edit user profile details in Jira?

    This Jira instance user profile details (email, first name and last name) are replicated from your Red Hat user profile. Replication is performed during user's login into jira. To change these information update your Red Hat user profile and logout and login the Jira again then.


    How to authenticate Jira REST API calls?

    You can use HTTP Basic authentication to access Jira REST API by putting correct Authorization header into the requests. To construct header value you have to use:

    • username - username from Jira (Legacy JBoss account username). You can visit Jira user profile page to find it when logged in as the user which should be used for the REST API calls.
    • password - you have to use password from the Red Hat account which is linked to given Legacy JBoss account.


    How to unlock Jira account locked due to high number of unsuccessful login attempts on REST API?

    If you perform many Jira REST API calls with incorrect password, the account is locked, and you can't use it even if correct password is used later. To unlock account for REST API calls simply access jira by browser and login there with given account.



    How to add my feed to be aggregated on

    Simply log in to and use propose a new a blog. After that we'll check your feed and accept/decline your proposition.


    How to became administrator of my feed?

    Please contact us and mention name of your feed and your username.


    Are my blog post's tags stored in planet?

    Yes, all tags in your original blog post are retrieved and stored in's backend.


    Can I change tags in planet?

    Planet keeps exact copy of all tags from your original blog post. There is no way how to change tags only in planet.