Version 11



    Portlet uses Netflix's web services to search and display details of an actor or a TV series or a movie.


    Example uses Netflix's REST webservices to get details of an actor or TV series or movie using OAuth for authentication. Data is displayed on demand and asynchronously using JBoss Richfaces 4.3.0.Final and PortletBridge 3.2.0.Beta1

    Installation procedure

    1. Check out the code from

    2. Follow the instructions from . Basically you need to build portlet and deploy it, register to netflix page to obtain consumerKey and consumerSecret to access Netflix API and fix classloading issue by adding additional JAR into GateIn module (on JBoss AS7)


    Build system: Maven

    Source location: Git at

    Compatibility list (please add to this list if you have tested a new version of GateIn):



    TesterVersion of the exampleVersion of GateInResultComment
    Prabhat Jha1.0.0GateIn 3.1.0OKWorks like a charm !!
    Marek Posolda2.0-SNAPSHOT
    GateIn 3.5.0 on JBoss AS7OKWorks like a charm !!