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    Component/Code FreezeNovember 10, 2010

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    Update:  November 16, 2010

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    JBAS-8613 - Regressions Resolved

    JBAS-8631 - Fix being tested

    ReleaseUpdate: November  22, 2010RELEASED


    CR1 Status


    • Admin Console update 05-November
    • JBoss Injection -   (update from Jaikiran) The switchboard-integration branch (r109178) now contains  a fully  working SwitchBoard and jboss-injection framework integration.  The  Tomcat container has now been updated to disable processing @Resource  (and its xml equivalent). Effectively, @Resource (and its xml  dd  equivalent) for web component is now being handled by SwitchBoard  (which sets up the java:comp for these resources) and jboss-injection   (which injects into servlets and other web components). The smoke tests   and embedded tests are passing. This marks the first complete  end-to-end  alpha integration of what Carlo had envisioned in his  design.  The next steps are to disable the rest of the handlers (for  example, the  @EJB handler, the @PersistenceContext handler etc...) once  we have the  respective resource providers available. From the  integration point of view, the framework is now in place and is working.  We just need to feed  the framework with the relevant resource  providers now. Once we have  the web container working, it's just a  matter of doing the same in the  EJB containers (which shouldn't take  long).



    Current Blocking Issues

    • JBAS-8631