Version 4



    This portlet is an example using the GateIn *private* API to retrieve navigation nodes and pages to build a menu portlet.


    This example is a very basic example showing the usage of the private API. As GateIn team is currently working on a public API, this isn't part of the official examples shipped with the product.

    The code has comments to explain what is retrieved and how. It shows translation of the page node names and also shows how to retrieve the content that will be displayed in the <title> tag of the produced HTML file.

    Installation procedure

    1. Get a copy of the source:
      1. Either with GIT: git clone
      2. Or by downloading the source package:
    2. Type 'mvn package'
    3. Copy target/verticalMenu.war into the deploy directory of GateIn and add the portlet on a page

    Build system: Maven

    Source location: GIT at

    Compatibility list (please add to this list if you have tested a new version of GateIn):


    TesterVersion of the exampleVersion of GateInResultComment
    Thomas Heute1.0.0Trunk of GateIn (Between 3.1 and 3.2)OK