Version 3



    Release Date:

    17 September 2010

    Components Included:

    • PicketLink Federation
    • PicketLink IDM v1.1.5.CR01


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    Release Notes - PicketLink Federated Identity - Version 


    • [PLFED-17] -         PicketLink STS - add support for batch requests
    • [PLFED-74] -         Security token signature validation failure on JBossWS Metro integration
    • [PLFED-92] -         SPPostSignatureFormAuthenticator should call verify signature
    • [PLFED-93] -         SAML2AuthenticationHandler should not assume the role to be of String object
    • [PLFED-94] -         Seam module: attributes in OpenIdPrincipal has wrong type
    • [PLFED-98] -         Missing query string in returnUrl parameter
    • [PLFED-101] -         SPPostFormAuthenticator should set the KeyManager on the ServiceProviderSAMLResponseProcessor


            Feature Request

    • [PLFED-14] -         AS Containers Binding to use STS SAML Token
    • [PLFED-16] -         Seam module: serve XRDS file so that OpenID providers can validate the relying party
    • [PLFED-89] -         Authenticators should also have the new Tomcat AuthenticatorBase method with signature change
    • [PLFED-90] -         Seam authentication filter: add events support
    • [PLFED-91] -         XMLSignatureUtil should have the algorithm configurable
    • [PLFED-95] -         SAML2 AuthnRequestType should set destination
    • [PLFED-97] -         Log XML Signature Validation failure call stack
    • [PLFED-100] -         XMLSignature needs an extra Transform for ADFS2 compatibility
    • [PLFED-103] -         Introduce pluggable Config Handlers in STS



    • [PLFED-104] -         PicketLink Federation Release



    • [PLFED-79] -         Document onbehalfof and other paradigms with the STS
    • [PLFED-83] -         PicketLink Federation: Integration Tests for STS
    • [PLFED-84] -         Improve the STS Integration Tests
    • [PLFED-85] -         PicketLink STS integration with JBossWS-CXF



    • [PLFED-56] -         Web Container bindings with STS