Version 1

    I've just put the finishing  touches on a four-part series about a wine rating and recommendation Web  application, named VinWiki, built using Seam, RichFaces, Hibernate  Search, Lucene, and Mahout. While not a 100% complete Web application,  it provides example code and supporting documentation for the following  features:


    • User registration
    • Server-side paging
    • Dynamic RichFaces menus
    • Bookmarkable URLs with JSF / RichFaces / Facelets
    • Full-text search using Hibernate Search and Lucene
      • Spell correction
      • Term highlighting in search results
      • Advanced Search
    • Authentication using Facebook Connect
    • Recommendations using Apache Mahout


    Here is the link to first post:



    As  time allows, I'm going to port this example to the latest Seam 3 /  RichFaces 4 on JBoss 6 and will post updates to this discussion as I  progress.