Version 1

    In order to facilitate moving the Metamatrix (MMX) Modeler to the open source Teiid Designer project, a few basic changes were adopted that prevent using legacy Metamatrix artifacts directly in Teiid Designer.


    1. The Eclipse Project Nature contribution was changed which basically meant that the nature ID and builder ID within a ".project" file had changed.
    2. The VDB structure and manifest have been re-engineered.


    Note that the basic model files (*.xmi) files have not changed and are compatible with Teiid Designer.


    To migrate Metamatrix Model Project Set's into Teiid Designer use the following steps:


    1. If you have a Model Project Set zip file,  extract it to some location on your local file system
    2. Create a new Teiid Designer project with same MMX project in your workspace( See New > Teiid Designer Project action )
      • if you wish you can name it the same as your original project
    3. Select Import > File System wizard
    4. Browse/navigate to your MMX project on your file system and select that project folder (This will be your "from directory")
    5. In the folder contents list box on the right, select the models you wish to import. DO NOT select the ".project" file
    6. You can select VDB's if you wish, but they will not be editable nor usable within Teiid Designer.
      • If you wish to create a comparable VDB, we recommend you view the contents of that VDB and create a New VDB and add the same models into your new vdb.
      • MMX VDBs contained detailed connector information that is not part of the Teiid VDB structure. See the section on Connector Changes below.
    7. Click Finish


    If you only have a MMX VDB, extract the contents onto your local file system and use steps 3 thru 7 above to load copies of your VDB's models into your new Teiid Designer project.


    Connector Changes


    Metamatrix and Teiid Designer 6.0 thru 6.3 used a connector binding framework which was replaced in Teiid and Teiid Designer with the Connection Profile manager framework from Eclipse Datatools project as well as the notion of deployed JNDI Data Sources on a Teiid Server. This is a drastic change.  Pre-Teiid Designer 7.0 source models that were created via JDBC importing will contain some JBDC Source information which you can use (copy/paste string values) to create your new Connection Profiles. See Eclipse Datatools project wiki for details.