Version 53

    This page is deprecated. Most current information about the web console project can be found here:

    Project Information


    - Roadmap

    - Issue Tracking

    - Source Code:

         - Authoritative master:

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    - Hacking the Codebase

    - Releases


    If you are looking for stable build, then you should consider the jbossas/console repository.

    Current development however, takes place on the "develop" branch. Stable milestones will be merged onto "master" with every release.




    - Deliver consistent user experience across products

    - Aim for a conceptual model that represents the semantics/intentions of the domain model

    - Share authentication with other management API entry points

    - Manage both domain and standalone scenarios

    - Provide extension points to layered products

    - Remain lightweight and minimize dependencies



    - Provide management operations for all subsystems

    (See ConsoleModelStructure, Status)

    - Allow remote deployment

    - Manage user and groups that access the management infrastructure

    - Support i18n

    Design Considerations


    - Core UI Abstraction: MVP

    (See ManagementConsolePatterns)


    - How does authentication work from the console?

    (See ManagementAPISecurityDesign)


    - Look & Feel (Some Screenshots)

    The overall Look&Feel will be based on the Ballroom library:





    Implementation Choices

    - AutoBean (Databinding, Model Representation)


    - GWT Platform (MVP Abstraction)

    Integration Tests

    Checkout the sources and see the README.txt for most recent instructions how to run the test suite.

    (Requires an AS7 domain running on your local host)

    Performance, Compatibility


    - See ManagementConsoleUIPerformance)




    - GWT Developer Guide


    - Layouts

    - Widgets


    - MVP

    - Event Handlers


    - GWTP Getting Started