Version 37

    This page is deprecated. Please consult the JBoss AS7 Jira for an updated roadmap.

    Roadmap for the AS7 Management Console


    Coarse grained Tasks:




    Project setup (codebase, repo, JIRA, etc)

    Project Setup done.



    UI Framework (both domain and standalone)

    - rough UI layout

    - maybe outer most domain tree (domain, profiles, server-groups, etc)

    - excluding subsystems and management operations

    Explore outermost conceptual model
    Might not reflect ambiguity in information design w/o example subsystem

    Installation on Standalone Server

    - Integrated with AS build/deliverables

    Core UI. Supports standalone scenario. Part of AS7 build/deliverable. 


    Installation on Domain Controller

    - Integrated with AS build/deliverables

    Server Group configuration

    - domain sceanario only  

    - potential release candidate

    Configure, launch, shutdown server instancesManagement infrastructure in place and ability to install console

    Core UI, supports domain scenario. Part of AS7 build/deliverable.

    15. Mar


    Example subsystem management completed

    - complete functional set

    - distinction between domain and host level operations

    - potential release candiate

    Explore detailed conceptual model, verify management API, remove ambiguityRough UI framework, extension hooks

    Application DeploymentDeploy applications through the consoleAS7 deployment API

    Client Server API mature (pivot)

    - Match AS7 management API

    Example subsystem management and metrics included.

    Supports application deployment.



    Security components in place

    i18nFull i18n support

    Deployments through the console

    Iterate over essential subsystems

    Core management functionalityExample subsystem, rough UI frameworkMight reveal issues with the overall conceptual model

    Subsystem "Threads"

    Subsystem "Logging"

    Subsystem "Datasources"

    Subsystem "JMS"

    Subsystem "Messaging"

    Subsystem "Security"

    Subsystem "Web"

    Subsystem "Web Services"

    Core Management Functionality, Reasonable Feature Set


    Beyond 1.0.0.GA

    Red Hat Look&Feel

    See Ballroom

    Example Metrics completed

    - covers a typical metric request (domain, host, subsystem)

    - re-use example subsystem

    Verify management API exposes runtime state correctly/sufficientlyExample subsystem

    Management Operation PlansEnable composite (bulk) management operations on the whole domain. Verify error handling, consistency

    Deployment Plans

    Rollout applications to a domain.

    Verify error handling, consistency

    User managementCreate/Remove users that have access to the management infrastructure

    Provide UI extension hooks

    - minimal API: i.e. GWT 2.1 PlaceManager, plus boiler plate magic (borrowed from Errai Workspaces)

    - Feedback from layered products (JON, Drools)

    Baseline for subsystem integration, extensibilityDecision on UI Framework & Widgets Libraries

    Subsystem EJB3

    Subsystem Naming

    Subsystem JPA

    Subsystem Weld

    Subsystem Resource Adapter

    Subsystem Connector

    Subsystem OSGI

    Subsystem SAR

    Subsystem JMX

    Subsystem Arquillian