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    If you want to deploy an application outside the "deploy" folder of JBoss in JBossAS-6, you can add your user directory to the ProfileService bootstrap process. This will automatically pick up the specified directory and treat it as if you would put the content to the deploy/ folder. Note that all specified folders need to be fully qualified url.


    JBoss AS 6.0.0.Final


    To add your custom folder you would need to edit the JBOSS_HOME/<servername>/conf/bootstrap/profile.xml. Search for the UserProfileFactory bean in that file.

    Note - the folder names must be specified using URL syntax. For example, to specify that /home/jpai/test/deploy be used for deployment, the example below uses the value file:///home/jpai/test/deploy.


            The profile configuration This contains required properties: 
            The uri to the deployers folder. A list of uris to deploy folders.
        <bean name="UserProfileFactory"
            <property name="confURI">${jboss.server.config.url}</property>
            <property name="deployersURI">${jboss.server.home.url}deployers</property>
            <property name="applicationURIs">
                <list elementClass="">
                    <!-- Add your own deploy folder -->
                Optional list of URIs that will be kept in sync across the cluster.
                Requires deploy/cluster/farm-deployment-jboss-beans.xml to be
                deployed as well.
            <property name="farmURIs">
                <list elementClass="">
            <property name="attachmentStoreRoot">${}/attachments</property>





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