Version 5

    This article only applies to JSFUnit 2.0.0.Beta1.  Since JSFUnit 2.0.0.Beta2 is out, this article is deprecated.  Click here for Beta2.



    Note: The Getting Started project has now been migrated to use JSFUnit 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.  To get this to work you will need to build the latest JSFUnit Core and Arquillian support.  See Getting JSFUnit Source and Building JSFUnit.


    There is a "Getting Started" example application that you can use as a template.  This contains Maven profiles for running tests against JBoss AS6 in remote mode and Jetty 7 in embedded mode.  The JBoss AS6 configuration is much simpler but the Jetty 7 configuration is much faster.


    To get the sample code:


    To run against JBoss AS6:

    • start an instance of JBoss AS6
    • mvn -Pjbossas-remote-6 test


    To run against Jetty 7

    • mvn -Pjetty-embedded test


    If you want to run against another container, see the Arquillian Documentation.  If you want to use a container that does not support CDI then you just need to refrain from using the JSFUnit annotations.