Version 2
    IMPORTANTThat document is under continous development. It's published in order you to have the fastest access to all the new info posted there even considering that document itself will be extended more in the same time. So please be patient, and do not forget leave your feedback and requests for additional information at RichFaces Space Forum. We could do it really great together!

    Only component high-level changes and component-specific functionality removal/changes mentioned there. For common attributes names changes follow the [Rich components standartized attributes| link ]


    RichFaces 3.3.3RichFaces 4.xChanges
    columncolumnnot changed in general. But check dataTable notes!
    columnGroupcolumnGroupnot changed
    columnsnot implemented for Final

    list component unify all three list components from 3.3.x and added with type attribute to define which kind of list to be rendered.

    dataDefinitionListmerged with list
    dataListmerged with list
    dataGriddataGridnot changed
    dataFilterSlidernot implemented for Finaln/a
    datascrollerdataScrollerName changed.

    Sorting and Filtering API's and attributes changed. Built-in not implemented. Modifiable model changed to Arrangeable. see reference guide for details.

    subTablenot implemented for Finaln/a. But that lightweight variant should be discussed and implemented in future.

    collapsibleSubTable/collasibleSubTableTogglernew more complex variant of subTable which allows to expand collapse by using toggler component.

    merged with extendedDataTable. So that new table has next features:

    • both horizontal and vertical scrolling
    • ajax/client vertical scrolling modes
    • selection
    • "frozen" columns support
    • dnd reordering/resizing the columns

    And currently not implemented:

    • Header menus from 3.3.x EDT component
    • Visibility feature for columns
    scrollableDataTablemerged with extendedDataTablen/a


    just repeated there. descrined at [core component page| link]