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    IMPORTANTThat document is under continous development. It's published in order you to have the fastest access to all the new info posted there even considering that document itself will be extended more in the same time. So please be patient, and do not forget leave your feedback and requests for additional information at RichFaces Space Forum. We could do it really great together!

    Only component high-level changes and component-specific functionality removal/changes mentioned there. For common attributes names changes follow the [Rich components standartized attributes| link ]


    RichFaces 3.3.3RichFaces 4.xChanges
    dragSupportdragSourceworks the same. dragListener removed. all the information about drag/dropValues and source components available only in dropListener or dropTarget.
    dropSupportdropTargetworks the same. added with @none and @all values for acceptedTypes

    By default creates not some custom indicator but just clone the dragged element. Only static content redefinition possible in final version and Facets not supported. Going to be reviewed and implemented after Final

    dndParamnot implemented in Final