Version 3
    IMPORTANTThat document is under continous development. It's published in order you to have the fastest access to all the new info posted there even considering that document itself will be extended more in the same time. So please be patient, and do not forget leave your feedback and requests for additional information at RichFaces Space Forum. We could do it really great together!

    Only component high-level changes and component-specific functionality removal/changes mentioned there. For common attributes names changes follow the [Rich components standartized attributes| link ]


    General comment to current state and future: the components planned to be reviewed and more simplified versions of orderingList and listShuttle which are not required converters to be done. Then pickList will not be needed. Unfortunatelly postponed till after-Final.

    Plans and discussions - share your thoughts to improve that as much as possible!

    RichFaces 3.3.3RichFaces 4.xChanges
    orderingListorderingListWorks the same.

    The RF 3 listShuttle and pickList components were merged into the single pickList comopnent with RichFaces 4

    Note: The sourceList is not longer mutable, and is available only by subtraacting the target list from thh complete list.

    pickListpickListthe pickList in RF 4 replaces both the RF 3 pickList, and the listShuttle