Version 8

    This short guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to get ready to contribute to the JBoss translations. If you have any questions, please post them on the mailing list, on the IRC channel (both specified below) or right here on the JBoss translators space.



    Set up accounts


    1. JBoss-Account

    Create an account for, if you don't already have one. Visit to create a new account (or to recover your account if you lost your password or username...)


    2. Join a Language Team in Zanata

    Use your JBoss login details to log into Zanata (the translation tool for JBoss) under

    Once logged into Zanata, click on "Languages" in the main navigation bar, choose the language that you would like to translate into, and click on "Request to join team". Your request will be sent to the language coordinator to be approved. You are now part of that language team, however, you don't have translators permissions yet (see step 6).



    Set up communication channels


    3. Join the Mailing List

    Visit to join the JBoss localization mailing list.


    4. Join IRC Channel

    Join #zanata on


    5. Translators Space on

    There is one common Translators space on Since this is a "space" (not a group), there is no need to "join". Just log in with your JBoss account and start to read/write posts. You will find that this Translators space has sub-spaces for individual languages. Please use your language specific space for language specific concerns, and the common Translators space for any general translation discussions.


    Use any of these channels above to communicate with other JBoss translators. We recommend to use the Translators space (or individual language spaces), as all posts there are open for everyone to see and therefore will benefit other translators as well. For more targeted or urgent matters try the mailing list or the IRC channel.



    Introducing yourself


    6. Introduction on Translator Space on

    Introduce yourself in the "Introductions" thread on under In your post, please tell us a bit about yourself, the language you would like to translate into, and your experience with JBoss and/or translation work. After posting your introduction to the "Introductions" thread , one of the Zanata admins can then grant you the 'translator' role in Zanata. Wait for a reply to confirm that you have been assigned the translator role.




    You are now ready to start translating. Go back to Zanata to start your work (you might need to log out and in again). Pick a project that you would like to work on, or feel free to experiment in the Test Project!





    *You can read the user's guide for Zanata here:

    A reader-friendlier version of the Zanata user guide will be released in the future.