Version 3

    This is a rough and growing list of SwitchYard tooling requirements.  Feel free to add anything you would like to see.


    • Integration with Savara tooling to generate a SwitchYard project.  This could take a number of forms, but the easiest to start with might be looking at generating a skeleton SwitchYard config off of a Savara choreography with references to WSDLs for the service interfaces.
    • Using Seam Forge to create a SwitchYard project.  You should be able to add services and bindings within the Seam Forge shell.  The project pom should be udpated based on the service and binding types added through Forge.
    • A visual editor for the SCA composite in SwitchYard configuration.  An example of this would be the Eclipse-based tooling in STP.
    • Hook up to a registry/repository to pull and push service references, message type definitions, etc.
    • Integration with BPMN2 modeler in jBPM 5.  For example, declaring a BPMN2 service within SwitchYard could generate an empty jBPM process definition.  The use could then open that definition with the BPMN 2 visual editor and create the process definition.  Support for referencing SwitchYard services within the editor would be nice.
    • Smooks visual mapper integration for Smooks-based transforms.
    • Deployment of a SwitchYard application to a SwitchYard runtime.  Maven and Eclipse are two examples of where this would be used.   Another interesting option would be publishing a deployable application image to a repository (similar to Guvnor snapshots).
    • Integration with Makara to allow SwitchYard metadata to be packaged with a machine image.  This metadata could then be used to match possible deployment targets based on dependencies and capabilities required by the application.