Version 1

    Policy copied from [1]


    1. When creating an issue that you intend to assign to yourself, pick a fix-for release version that you can commit to achieving. Please be realistic in making this choice, as very few of our issues do not get rescheduled.
    2. If you can not commit to a point in the schedule, but you just want to log the issue to be worked on, then leave it unassigned and set the fix-for to be "Open to Community". I am hoping this will be an easy place to point people that want to jump in.
    3. If you have an issue you know you cant work on, but think it is timeline sensitive, then leave it unassigned and let me know (Jason) about it. We will figure out a way to resource it.
    4. If you validate that a bug is valid then please schedule it or leave a note so that when I go through them I can find a place for it.
    5. If you are a component lead you will probably get auto-assigned. The intention is that you will either take on the issue, delegate it to someone else, verify it and unassign, or in the worst case just unassign.Also note that I may close issues that are continually not resolved when scheduled, so if you really care about the issue please schedule it reliably.


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