Version 7

    The JBoss Community Wiki is part of our integrated collaboration platform (SBS) hosted at


    SBS provides a number of features that allow information to be restructured over time. This is important as it helps keep the wiki tidy so users can easily find the information they're looking for and keep it up to-date.




    In order to separate information into different topics SBS uses spaces. Each space contains its own wiki, forum and blog allowing you to restrict searches to specific spaces if necessary.


    Important: You can move content (wiki articles, forum/blog posts) between spaces without breaking URLs which is crucial to restructuring the information.


    Our original wiki (JSPWiki) stored all articles in one place so a single Wiki space was initially created in SBS to hold all the migrated articles. Project spaces were only created later on when we migrated the forums from JBoss Nukes as forum posts were stored in separate project forums. The first step towards tidying the wiki is therefore to move all articles out of the Wiki space into the project spaces.


    Setting up permissions


    Each project team has a security group configured in SBS with moderator permissions for their project space and the Wiki space. This allows any member of the group to move articles from one space to the other. Project leads are configured as group admins so they can add or remove members as follows:


    1. Login to the SBS admin console using your username/password.
    2. Click the People tab.
    3. Click the Group Summary link in the Management tab menu.
    4. Click the Edit icon next to your project.
    5. Click the Edit link next to Members (or the Add Members link if there are no existing members).
    6. Enter the username of the team member you wish to add in the Add Member box (or use Select Users) and click Add.


    If you need to move articles between project spaces then you need to be a member of the Space Gnomes security group. Membership is maintained by the JBoss Community Team so please contact us giving your username if you wish to be added or removed.


    Moving a wiki article


    Once you have the necessary permissions you can move a wiki article as follows:


    1. Login to SBS using the Login link in the header at
    2. Visit the article.
    3. Click the Move article link in the Actions menu.
    4. Choose a destination space and in the Confirm Move dialog click Yes - move it here.


    Moving multiple wiki articles


    If you need to move a large number of wiki articles between spaces then you first need to ensure that the content is tagged appropriately. The JBoss Community Team can then be contacted to perform the move using a script. Further details can be found in the Project Lead FAQ.




    Tags in SBS can be applied to any kind of content (wiki articles, forum/blog posts) to create categories of content across spaces. You can then search for information based on tags or see which tags are popular.


    Adding, updating and removing tags


    1. Login to SBS using the Login link in the header at
    2. Visit the article.
    3. Click the (edit) link next to Tags at the bottom of the article to show a text box.
    4. Add, update or remove one or more tags separated by spaces. Auto-completion will suggest existing tags as you type.
    5. Click Update Tags.


    You can also add, update or remove tags when editing a wiki article using the text box in the Tags section at the bottom of the page.




    Whereas tags are useful for grouping content together across spaces, categories are used to group content (wiki articles, forum/blog posts) together within a space. A typical use for this in project spaces is to create categories representing the major.minor releases of the project. This allows wiki articles to be categorized according to the versions of the project they apply to. The JBoss AS project does this for example:



    Click on Filter by Categories and Tags to see a list of categories. Clicking on a category updates the list of wiki articles below to show all articles within that category.


    Creating and editing categories


    If you need permissions to create or edit categories contact the JBoss Community Team.


    1. Login to the SBS admin console using your username/password.
    2. Click the Spaces tab.
    3. Click the Categories Management link in the Management tab menu.
    4. Click Create New Category or under Categories locate the category you want to edit and click on the edit icon.
    5. Enter or edit the name and description of the category and specify any tags that should be associated with this category. When people attempt to assign these tags, they'll be prompted to assign the associated category.
    6. Click Save.


    Note: Use the following format for project spaces: <project name> <major>.<minor>  e.g. JBoss AS 6.0


    Using categories


    To add or remove one or more categories to/from a wiki article:


    1. Login to SBS using the Login link in the header at
    2. Visit the article.
    3. Click the Edit article link in the Actions menu.
    4. Use the checkboxes under the Categories heading below the article to select the relevant categories.
    5. Click Publish.