Version 21


    "DocBook import for Confluence" is plugin for Atlassian Confluence allowing user to import DocBook xml formatted documentation into Confluence Space. It was originally created to import existing DocBook documentation for JBoss open source projects into newly introduced JBoss Community Project Documentation Editor, but we decided to give it to other users free of charge too.


    See our motivation video.


    Plugin was designed and tested to import DocBook 4 declared by DOCTYPE style in imported xml file originally. DocBook 5 declared by xml namespace works from version 1.1.0. DocBook compatibility:

    Plugin version
    DocBook 4
    DocBook 5


    In case of problems you may use comments under this article or forum available in this Space, but plugin is not oficially supported.



    Plugin is available on Atlassian Marketplace, so you can install/update plugin directly from Confluence administration.

    Other important prerequisities:

    • Make sure your confluence's Maximal attachment size is configured to enough value for imported zip files
    • Make sure your confluence's http response timeout is enough not to break response when Import button is hit (as it is sync now)



    User needs "Space - Export" permission for given Confluence Space to use this plugin.


    To import documentation select 'Import DocBook' item from the 'Tools' menu of confluence page (visible only for users with given permission). DocBook content is imported as subpage of given page then.

    All necessary notes/help to use this plugin are available directly on import page, and you may also look here




    Source codes

    Source code for this plugin is available under LGPL v.2.1 license in GIT repository