Version 6

    JBoss AS7 frequently asked questions


    • What's the current state of JBoss AS7?
      • Latest released AS7 version can be found of the download page here. Development on JBoss AS7 continues and the roadmap can be found in the JIRA here
    • Where can I download JBoss AS7?



    • Where can I find other documentation on JBoss AS7?
      • Development related articles are here
      • User guide related wiki articles are tagged with "jboss_7_userguide" and can be found here
      • Other useful documentation for AS7 can also be found here



    • How can I contribute to JBoss AS7?
      • There are several different ways in which you can help improve JBoss AS7:
        • It can be as simple as hanging out in the user forums and helping other users by answering their questions.
        • Helping by creating wiki/articles related to JBoss AS7 usage
        • Trying out your applications against AS7 and reporting any issues
        • Providing patches or getting involved in the development activities
        • Any other possible way you can think of. All/Any help is most welcome.



    • Is there a IRC channel where I can discuss JBoss AS7 development related issues?
      • Join #jboss-as7 on server for JBoss AS7 development related discussions.