Version 5

    RichFaces JIRA is using a Git-enabled workflow which have been introduced in order to support GitHub pull requests.


    This JIRA workflow satisfies that each patch (pull request) will be integrated into codebase.


    There are steps which you need to follow when contributing into project:


    1. Pre-conditions:

      • JIRA issue is already created
      • personal fork of project repository (see: RichFaces Git Workflow Model)
      • you have rebased your changes against the master branch
      • rebased commits are pushed into your personal GitHub repository
    2. on GitHub switch to the branch with your commits

    3. open a Pull Request


    4. fill in the summary and details for the pull request

    5. send pull request (against richfaces:master branch)


    6. copy the pull request URL


    7. link pull request in associated JIRA


    8. paste the pull request URL (from step 6)

    9. click on Link Pull Request button


    10. you can see that pull request is sent


    After these steps, you have made contribution into codebase, but issue is still Unresolved.


    Now your commit needs to be integrated - this is work for integration managers.

    An integration manager will inspect your commit and can additionally ask you for further changes to your commit - in such a situation, you will need to open a new pull request and update the link (similary to step 7).


    If your commit goes well, the integration manager will merge it into codebase and close pull request both in GitHub and in JIRA, which will effectively resolve the issue.