Version 2

    If it is necessary to test an intermediate (or snapshot) release of SAVARA, this can be obtained from Jenkins. The following are the jobs that should be used to obtain the latest builds for the master branches of the relevant git repositories:




    This is the core repository used to build maven artifacts that are used by the other projects. Therefore when looking to test a snapshot, it is not necessary to worry about this project or its jenkins job. However if interested in the build status of the artifacts, then checkout the details here:





    This project builds the Eclipse update site for the Eclipse tooling, which includes the artifacts built in the savara-core project. The jenkins job is located here:


    The instructions for testing a snapshot version of the Eclipse tools are:


    1) Download and unpack Eclipse JEE version (Helios or Indigo)


    2) Download the latest snapshot from: and use the update manager to install everything (Savara and Savara Dependencies).


    NOTE: A faster alternative to using the update manager is to unpack the and copy the contents of the plugins folder into the Eclipse dropins folder.


    NOTE: As this update site includes snapshot jars, it is necessary to create a fresh environment for each install as Eclipse does not overwrite plugins where the file name has not changed (which is the case with the snapshot jars, as they are not date/time stamped). Removing or uninstalling the plugins also does not work. So where repeated build and installation is required, it is better to unpack the Eclipse environment and place the plugins into the dropin folder, as the quickest way to get up and running.