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    What is JBUG Neuchatel ?

    It is the JBoss User Group of Neuchatel (Switzerland). Its goal is to discuss about things around JBoss technologies. We plan to cover things like the JBoss Projects (JBoss Application Server, Infinispan, HornetQ, GateIn...) but we're also thinking about other topics related to Java or not (such as Maven, Git, Play! Framework, OpenShift, CloudForms, Virtualization, Fedora...)


    How much does it cost ?

    Like all other JBoss User Groups, It's entirely free with no string attached


    When will the events occur ?

    We are aiming at regularly meet on the third Wednesday of the month starting in September 2011. It may change from times to times, depending on speakers availability


    Why a JBUG in Neuchatel ?

    The Red Hat office in Neuchatel used to be the headquarter for JBoss Europe, it is still an important developer office with expertise on Tooling, Application Server, Datagrid, Portal...

    We've been wondering for the past six years if a JBUG in Neuchatel will find an audience, this time we decided to give it a try, so don't be shy and please join us by loging-in and "Join the group" !


    Where will the events occur ?

    Unless if we have the good problem of requiring more room, we'd like to welcome you in our own office in the main post office of Neuchatel.on the lake harbour !

    The office is located on the second floor and you enter the building using the entrance that is located in front of the parking just next to the Touring Hotel and Restaurant.

    The address is:

    Place Numa Droz 2

    2000 Neuchatel

    Who will be the speakers ?

    People who know what they're talking about ! It can be you, someone happening to be around Neuchatel at a certain time. We have enough people in the office to cover for several interesting topics anyway.


    Who is the audience ?

    Anyone interested by technologies about or around JBoss technologies. It will most likely be quite technical but we can imagine once in a while covering non technical topics such as "How to work with an opensource community" or "what's the difference between a JBoss Project and a JBoss Product" or "Agile development". The audience will drive what we'll present and we will use the poll feature to gather feedback.

    About the level of complexity, once again this will depend on the audience, so please comment in the forum (you will have to be logged-in and join the group). We can imagine that once every 3 or 4 times we organize a beginner session.


    How will a session look like ?

    Those will be evening sessions, for people to join after work. A typical session would be divided like this, it is not a mlilitary organization so it will most likely be very flexible:

    6:00pm - 6:15pm: JBUG announcements

    6:15pm - 7:00pm: First part of the session

    7:00pm - 7:10pm: Break - Socializing/Networking

    7:10pm - 7:45pm: Second part of the session

    7:45pm - 8:00pm: Q&A

    8:00pm - ......: Socializing/Networking

    How will I be notified for new events ?

    If you join the group on, you will automatically get updates, you can also check regularly this page