Version 6

    Note: Future version releases will be tracked via the jira release roadmap.


    This document will contain links, dates, and information related to the RichFaces 4.1.0 release.


    The primary goal of RichFaces 4.1.0 is to:

    • Add in a few components that did not make the 4.0.0.Final release
    • Update a few components with enhanced features
    • Enhance the behavior of some components on mobile browsers
    • Create a mobile version of the RichFaces showcase application
    • Address any stability or critical issues found in 4.0.0.Final+


    This is a time-boxed release, with a target of mid/late fall.  4.1.0 will follow a similar monthly release cadence that 4.0.0.Final starting with 4.1.0.Milestone1.


    • Dates
      • Released: August 16th
    • Jira


    • Dates
      • Code Freeze: Early September 2011
      • Release: Mid September 2011
    • Jira


    • Dates
      • Code Freeze: Early October 2011
      • Release: Late October 2011 (2 wk QE cycle)
    • Jira


    • Dates
      • Code Freeze: Late October 2011
      • Release: Early November 2011
    • Jira



    • Dates
      • Code Freeze:  Early November 2011
      • Release: Late November 2011
    • Jira


    • Dates
      • Code Freeze: Late November 2011
      • Release: Mid-Late December 2011
    • Jira


    This sections contains more details on the specific plans for this release.  It is not etched in stone as any software project is subject to shifts in functionality.


    • rich:editor
    • rich:picklist
    • rich:orderedList
    • rich:notify


    • a4j:push with CDI event support
    • rich:fileupload with portlet support & servlet 3 updates
    • See jira's for more

    Mobile Support

    Many of RichFaces 4.0.0.Final component work as designed on mobile web browsers such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc...  However there were some issues found during testing, and these are going to be addressed.  In many cases we'll be making these function fully, in others we'll have to either degrade gracefully ( i.e. what is a tooltip on a touch device ), or adjust in some other other.


    We will also be creating a mobile version of the RichFaces showcase application, and a getting started guide for tips and best practices for how to use RichFaces for mobile web development.