Version 4


    Support JSR 115 in JBoss AS7.1



    1. PicketBox implementation should contain the JACC processing.  There may be a need to copy the common core state machine etc.
    2. Hooks into the Web and EJB containers during deployment lifecycle to create the JACC permissions.

    Steps to achieve:

    1. Evolve the JACC permission tests from the AS6 testsuite into PBox security tests.
    2. Clone the common core state machine code in PicketBox. The JACC implementation in PBox uses the state machine.
    3. In the web application deploy sequence, create the JACC permissions on web app deploy and delete the permissions on web app undeploy.
    4. Take a look at the allstarjaccmode in web authentication that was available in AS6.
    5. EJB3 deploy/undeploy should create similar JACC permissions.