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    Newcastle JBUG - September Meeting 


    Venue - Room 1.7, INEX, Herschell Annex , University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    Directions can be found here

    Date and Time - 6PM Tuesday 13th Sept

    If you are likely to arrive after 6:00 please let me know, otherwise you may not be able to gain access to the building.


    Start 6PM


    Main topic - Openshift Express Tutorial

    OpenShift Express is the brand new free offering  from RedHat that will help you quickly and easily get your applications into the cloud!  Tom Jenkinson will show you how to create an Express account and deploy a series of simple (and not so simple) applications. Even better, if you bring along your laptop we should have wifi available and you can follow along and create your own instance in the cloud. This session will follow the interactive format of last months AS7 talk, so don't be afraid to ask any questions about any of the tools we use.


    If you are using either a Linux or Mac laptop, you don't need to do any prep work. But if you have a windows laptop , You will need to have installed Cygwin with at least the following packages before arriving: openssh, ruby, make, gcc and git


    If you have any applications you want to deploy to the cloud, you can also bring those along too in either binary war or source form, and Tom will show you how to deploy those to your shiny new OpenShift Express domain!" 


    This talk is a hands on session that will dive into the techicalities of building into the cloud. However it will also give a good overview on how to get started in the cloud for the less technical.


    The Talk will be followed by Refreshments and General Discussion


    Break up about 8:30.


    Tom Jenkinson is the new project lead of Narayana/BlackTie/MASS. You may recognise Tom from his series of videos about OpenShift, hosted on