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    Newcastle JBUG - November Meeting 


    Venue - Room 1.7, INEX, Herschell Annex , University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    Directions can be found here

    Date and Time - 6PM  Wednesday 9th November    **Note the change of Day **


    If you are likely to arrive after 6:00 please let me know, otherwise you may not be able to gain access to the building.


    Start 6PM


    Main topic - Tuning the App server


    For this months JBug we have a guest speaker coming from the States. Andy Miller will be showing you how to tune your appserver for optimal throughput. Although he will be describing tuning the Enterprise Application platform for optimal throughput, the lessons are applicable to the Community version as well.


    As well as describing tuning the various app server components, he will also discuss JVM tuning as it relates to optimizing throughput. In the course of going over these details he will also show the actual results to a real EJB 3 application, and just how these changes improve throughput of the workload.



    Main Speaker -  Andrig (Andy) Miller, Global Platform Director, JBoss middle-ware by Red Hat.


    As Global Platform Director, Andy Miller manages JBoss’ open source projects, development talent, and enterprise platform products, with a focus on cross cutting concerns, specifically performance and usability. He brings 26 years of experience and extensive, hands-on technical expertise working with open source and JBoss technologies. Previously, Andy was vice president of technical architecture at Corporate Express, where he led the company to move its information systems to open source to improve reliability, performance and drive down costs, including the strategic decision to make JBoss the platform for mission critical corporate applications.


    The Talk will be followed by Refreshments and General Discussion


    Break up about 8:30.