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    Apache Cordova

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    Originally known as PhoneGap, the code base was donated to Apache as the Callback project, which has now renamed itself to Apache Cordova.  This is one of the most popular hybrid frameworks around.  It uses a native wrapper approach and is developed primarily with direct web technologies.  It also provides a JavaScript bridge into native functionality in the form of plugins.


    Examples, tasks, and plans:

    PhoneGap Build

    Link: very neat tool developed by the Cordova team when they were known as PhoneGap.  One of the biggest pains for hybrid and cross device development in general is compiling and building the actual applications for each device.  The PhoneGap build tool lets you upload your web based application, and it will generate all of the device specific apps for you!Examples, tasks, and plans:

    • Integrate our example above with PhoneGap Build - AEROGEAR-105
    • Develop a workflow for CI integration in OpenShift, JBoss AS, and PhoneGap build - AEROGEAR-106
    • Tutorial of how to do all of this in your own environment - AEROGEAR-107