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    Newcastle JBUG - December Meeting 


    Venue - Room 1.7, INEX, Herschell Annex , University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    Directions can be found here

    Date and Time - 6PM Tuesday 13th December

    If you are likely to arrive after 6:10 please let me know, otherwise you may not be able to gain access to the building.


    Start 6PM



    Main Talk

    Testing JEE Applications in the container using Arquillian



    Paul Robinson and Sanne Grinovero




    For this month's JBug we have Paul Robinson and Sanne Grinovero showing you how Arquillian can be used to run unit tests inside a JEE container. We'll provide you with the basic know-how to start writing in-container tests; there will be a practical session where you can code along with us: remember to bring a laptop!


    If you are using either Linux or a Mac you don't need to do any preparation work; if you have a windows laptop, you will need to have Cygwin installed with the following packages: JDK 6 or above, git and an IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Netbeans).


    Arquillian enables you to test your business logic in a remote or embedded container. The mission of the Arquillian project is to provide a simple test harness that abstracts the build, the container lifecycle and the deployment from the test logic so developers can easily produce integration tests for their enterprise Java applications. Arquillian can either execute a test case inside the container, in which case the test class is deployed by Arquillian along with the code under test, or act as a remote client to the deployed code: all the developer has to do is write the test logic and specify in which container(s) the tests should be run.


    If you have some JEE tests that you would like to convert to use Arquillian, feel free to bring them along so we can help you with the migration.


    Dr Paul Robinson is a Senior Software Engineer at JBoss by Red Hat. He currently leads the Web Service Transactions project. He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne where he teaches JEE and distributed transactions to Masters students. Before working at Red Hat he lead Consultancy at Arjuna Technologies.


    Sanne Grinovero is a member of the Hibernate, Infinispan and JGroups teams, specializing on scalable search engines (focusing on Apache Lucene) and making sure that Hibernate based JEE applications scale nicely on cloud environments while providing a consistent developer experience.



    The Talk will be followed by Refreshments and General Discussion


    Break up about 8:30.




    Location of Slides and demo

    Slides from the talk can be found by following this link