Version 12


    Many of AeroGear's primary goals are to provide HTML5 extensions for web applications, both mobile and desktop based.

    Today, we are in our prototyping and discovery phases. So it's a great time for you to get involved as part of the AeroGear community and to build something cool!


    Web Storage (localStorage, indexedDB, etc...)

    • Java application server + services exposed via JAX-RS
    • Security. Encrypted data both in transport and on client side
    • Java -> JSON -> Java translation
    • Incremental Sync. Tracking objects as they change on the client side in localStorage.
    • Pluggable with Hibernate
    • More soon....



    • none yet


    Web Sockets (with graceful degradation)

    • Ideally, the Web Socket connection will be provided by the app server (AS7)
    • Graceful degradation is a must. If Web Sockets isnt available on the client, provide long polling or another Comet based solution.
    • Proxy traversal - In many corporate IT environments, Web Sockets will not carry the connection. Using a secure wss:// connection gurantees success in most cases.
    • A programming model which integrates nicely with existing frameworks like CDI, GWT, JSF, etc..
    • More soon...




    In The Works

    JBoss AS Modules

    • Minification, and optimization
    • Device/feature detection CDI extensions


    Security integration

    • Picketlink
    • DeltaSpike Security



    • Native push integration