Version 10

    The Trailblazer Special Interest Group (SIG) is focused on creating tutorials and examples that help developers write applications using the standard Java EE platform and APIs combined with additional tools and technologies from the JBoss Community. Completed resources get showcased at




    The technologies include:


    • standard Java EE 6 APIs (CDI, JPA, EJB, JSF, etc)
    • platforms (JBoss AS 7 and OpenShift)
    • tools (JBoss Forge, JBoss Tools and Arquillian)
    • additional web and middleware projects (RichFaces, Snowdrop, etc).


    That list may seem daunting. That's precisely why this SIG has been created. Our goal is to curate these technologies into step-by-step tutorials and examples that gradually introduce developers to this platform, or refresh the memory of developers coming back to it.

    Tutorials, Examples & Screencasts


    The tutorials & screencasts focus on how to:


    • setup the development environment
    • make smart choices about the technology
    • write the code using an example-driven approach
    • use the tools most effectively


    The examples demonstrate:


    • the capabilities of the technologies
    • the types of applications that can be built



    All are welcome to this group! To participate, just click "Join this group" and start sharing your thoughts, experiences and ideas.


    Whether you are new to Java development, have many years of experience or you're interested in design and UX, you have a part to play here.


    For those of you who are new, we seek your input about how effective the tutorials are. The experience developers will learn by teaching, knowing how to fill in any gaps left behind. It's not just about code, though! How it's presented plays an important role. If you like to design, revel in styling an app, make recommendations UX or find ways to make the tutorials more approachable and readable.


    Together, let's turn this jungle of acronyms into a kingdom of innovation. Check out the initiatives already underway!