Version 3

    This document will detail the criteria and intent of the ShrinkWrap Resolvers versioning scheme, as well as lay out the general roadmap for upcoming releases.


    • APIs Frozen Backwards-Compatible until 2.0.0-X series
    • These releases are considered prototype and are now branched into maintenance (primarily for Arquillian) in "1.0.0-X" branch
    • Backwards-compatible fo 1.0.0-beta-X
    • Includes new features not present in 1.0.0-beta-X
    • As part of the major version "1", also considered prototype and branches for maintenance (primarily for Arquillian) in "1.1.0-X" branch.
    • Current mainline development
    • Needs resolving to "master" branch ensuring all is incorporated from the "next" branch.
    • Assumes breaking API changes from the 1.x.y series.
    • Focused on consistent API we can support for a much longer timeframe, with prototyping now behind us




    The following defines a minimal roadmap for ShrinkWrap Resolvers.  Dates are subject to change.


    First release of 2.0.0-alpha-16 March 2012
    Incremental alpha releasesBimonthly, timeboxed
    API Lock (2.0.0-beta-1)15 April 2012