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    This article describes the PicketLink v2.0.2.Final release from JBoss community. 


    Please refer to the detailed notes of PicketLink v2.0.0.Final for more information on what is included in 2.x release.

    Release Date

    29 February 2012


    JIRA Release Notes


    Features available for the first time in this release:

    1. JBoss AS7.1 :  IDP and SP web applications can get the authenticator settings from jboss-web.xml  []
    2. SAML2 parsing now allows the use of EncryptedID. []
    3. Brand new SAML Metadata Configuration providers. Currently all file based. []
    4. LogOut Page URL is configurable at the Service Provider.  []


    Which versions of JBoss AS does this release support?



    JBoss AS7.1.1
    JBoss AS 6
    JBoss AS 5
    SAML Web Browser SSO ProfileYYY
    Secure Token Server (STS) Use CasesYYY
    Trust Feature (Deeper integration with JBoss EJB3 and JBoss WS)NYY



    NOTE:   PicketLink 2.0.2.Final is shipped directly inside JBoss AS 7.1.1

                 You will need to replace the jars in the module in JBoss AS7.1.0




    Which versions of Apache Tomcat does this release support?


    We currently have only tested with Apache Tomcat 6 and the SAML Web Browser SSO Profile works fine.  We will add support for Apache Tomcat 7 soon.


    Where can I get extensive documentation?

    How do I install PL 2.0.2 in AS 7.1.x?