Version 1

    The GateIn Toolbox (formerly gatein-stuff) project provides a few tools for doing various stuff with GateIn hosted on GitHub.


    Scripts for adding / removing users in gatein and doing basic operation on caches (useful for mass user injection)


    A generator for XML descriptor (usefull to generate large navigations for testing purpose)


    A tool based on JBoss Byteman that reports the number of expensive resources done during a web request, useful for improving performances.

    It monitors access to expensive resources during a web request, it is useful for:

    • Determining the expensive resources accessed during a web request
    • Compare two different configurations (like cache) or code optimization based on the number of resources accessed
    • Check effectiveness of caching (check that no expensive resource is called when the page is refreshed)
    • Check that cache invalidation occurs at some point (the resource will be accessed again).

    The current monitored resources are:

    • JDBC access
    • JCR query access
    • ResourceBundle lookup
    • Groovy script compilation

    It's quite easy to add new resources since it's based on Byteman, check the configuration file.


    A service to be deployed in GateIn that cares about synchronization a database with a remote server (like LDAP).